A walk in the wild.

I always enjoy going for a walk in the countryside and never miss an opportunity to get out and about. It might just be a simple walk so that the dog can have a sniff about and do his toilet things. Or it could be a mountain climbing adventure in the wilds. Walking lets my mind ease away from the pressures of work and home, thoughts drift with the passing landscape. My imagination kicks in and I find that I might be walking the woods with bands of robbers or a hoard of orcish invaders. Picking flowers with long-legged elven ladies or flying high in the clouds on the back of a Kystraal.

Often, I forget to actually pay attention to the sights around me, other times I stumble from one amazing sight to another, phone in hand, snapping pictures of the weird and wonderful. All these things I find go back into the soup of imagination and can turn up in unexpected ways in my stories.

Wasps. I hate them. They are in my soup, sometimes in reality, mostly inside my brain. Without them, Dirth would never have appeared to plague Serena in the forests of Eap and the Iltrath would not have taken to the skies to attack Findo on his journeys.

I seem to have an obsession with taking photos of fungi and spiderwebs, neither of which have made it into my tales so far, but I am sure they will.

Why are trees so weird? Why do trees get to wear so many different outfits? Crinkly bark, smooth bark, twisted limbs, straight branches, big leaves, little leaves, green, purple and red leaves. Trees sure do like to show off sometimes.

Early morning frost sparkling like diamonds in the first rays of sun. Worth the walk in the cold just to be the first to crunch through frozen puddles and see the low mists receding back into the hollows leaving white crystals clinging delicately to spindly plants.

Walking is great. I never know what I’ll find, but what I do I will try to share with you.

If you’re out for a walk and encounter the weird or wonderful feel free to share it back, there is always room in my inspiration library.


2 thoughts on “A walk in the wild.

  1. My favorite trees are cottonwoods. They grow in wet weather creek beds, the promise of water only a cloud burst away. They tower over the scrub oak and cedar with their leaves sparkling in the sun. Squirrel nests located fifty to sixty feet above the ground with squirrels jumping between branches like dare-devils. I spent many hours sitting in their shade, resting my back against their trunks, eyes closed, listening for the swish of deer stepping through the grass. In my imagination I would building interconnected treehouses or clear out hollows around boulders to make impregnable homes.

    For me good fantasy is more than make-believe. Fantasy/SciFi reveals moral truth and prejudice like no other genre. “As the crowd start to fidget and mumble ideas at each other, no one steps toward the stranger. None go to help him.” That is a powerful line and I love it as well as the many others I found in “The Beast”.


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