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The Mountain

After 10 days of heavily marketing ‘The Things We Did To Kill A…’ it was time for a break.The family and I went for a few days holiday in Wales. The big plan was to do a walk-up Snowdon. As always when planning these things you can’t predict the weather. We knew for several daysContinue reading “The Mountain”

Cover story 3

Alright, so sales of The Beast have predictably slowed down. So I panicked. I love the cover artwork that I have been using but have always felt that perhaps it would not appeal enough to older readers. After all the book does have some adult themes and is not written for children, although most teenagersContinue reading “Cover story 3”

A walk in the wild.

I always enjoy going for a walk in the countryside and never miss an opportunity to get out and about. It might just be a simple walk so that the dog can have a sniff about and do his toilet things. Or it could be a mountain climbing adventure in the wilds. Walking lets myContinue reading “A walk in the wild.”

Midwinter’s Eve

“‘Twas the night before mid-winter, when all through the house
Not a beast was stirring, not even a mouse;
The sacks were hung by the fireplace with care,
In hopes that the grumpy dwarf would soon be there;
The children were nestled, tucked up in their beds….”


She has come from the shadows. She brings all the creatures of nightmare with her.He stands alone. But is his will enough to stop her? A little fantasy short story for my readers to enjoy. NIGHTMARE Ithraira turned to watch the throng pouring out into the valley below. They were many. They had slept forContinue reading “Nightmare”

The Beast Released

Then all of a sudden, it was done. The paperback version of The Beast is now live on Amazon. Get your copy now!

Bonkers Blurb

The Beast is an epic fantasy set in a world that needs a new hero.


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