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The Beast Released

Then all of a sudden, it was done. The paperback version of The Beast is now live on Amazon. Get your copy now!

Bonkers Blurb

The Beast is an epic fantasy set in a world that needs a new hero.

Cover Story 2

The on going dilema of the cover. I had a major wobble this week trying to tweak artwork in the process of designing the paperback cover. To be honest I went mad for a while and created a monster! Then sanity crept back and I finally taught myself how to use layers in image editingContinue reading “Cover Story 2”

Short Story

Thought I would share a little something with you all. A short story which I began as an example text for my class as school. I love what it became. I hope you enjoy it. The land has been ravaged by disease and famine. Creatures who were once thought to be extinct or imaginary haveContinue reading “Short Story”

Reading of chapter 1

I had fun today trying to record a reading of the first chapter of The Beast. Minor issues with computer and then a severe case of nerves when recording, causing many different takes to be made. Eventually I got going but it was so cold you could hear me shivering, so after a quick breakContinue reading “Reading of chapter 1”

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