Steven M Phillips

Writer of fantasy fiction

Author of ‘The Beast’

I have been many things in my lifetime, a student and geologist, owner of a party shop and party organiser, inflator of balloons, manager of a bed shop, driving instructor, musician and teacher. Throughout everything I have done and all the places I have travelled, I have enjoyed the fantastical tales and magical worlds contained in good books.

I play disc golf when I am not working and enjoy a good drink and game of darts with friends.

Through the years I have dabbled in writing, when I was younger, it was songs and poetry. More recently, writing modelled examples of texts for the pupils in my classes. Then the penny dropped. I had been playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends and my son during Lockdown and I was asked to write up a session as a story. Thirty-five weeks later I had a book. Not ‘the book’ but I had proven to myself that it could be done. So, I embarked on the journey, to write my own fantasy adventure.

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