It’s all about the reviews!

The festive break is over. Everyone is back to work. For some of us the days are short and the nights are long and it feels like we never see the sun.
During these bleak months I find myself planning for the spring, hoping that I’ll be able to book a holiday away to a country I have never been to before. Looking forwards to seeing sights I have only viewed in pictures and having new experiences. 
The day-to-day reality is that as a primary school teacher my brain becomes full of the everyday tasks that I have to perform in order to educate the next generation and it becomes easy to forget the world outside my classroom. 
Books are what save me, they give me an escape from the humdrum of everyday normal life. Beacons of light in the darkness, tales of hope and joy to lift my spirits. 
I have to admit to my shame that until recently I never paused to give back to the silent heroes that have given me escapism through the darkest days. I have read their words, reveled in the world they have created and cried out loud at the characters whose journeys I have partaken in. It is easy to forget the people behind these stories and the hours that they have spent creating their masterpieces.
Only now. After creating my own small tale do I realise what I should have been doing all these years. Only now have I started to show my appreciation for those countless authors’ efforts. Only now have I started to leave reviews.
I guess I have a better understanding having released ‘The Beast’ into the world.
When my first review appeared on Amazon ( thank you Greg ) my heart soared for days. Someone out there in the world liked my book. I smiled all day. Then, weeks later a second review appeared, and a third and a fourth. People I had never met were connecting with me to tell me how much they enjoyed my little story. 
I even appreciated my first one-star review. I wish that person had left a comment to go with the stars so that I knew how to improve as a writer, but they had taken time out of their day to let me know what they thought. How brilliant is that?
Authors love reviews. I love reviews. They help us connect to our audience, they increase awareness of our work and help others to find our stories, and perhaps help others to find the escapism we all need sometimes.

Spread a little joy this week and give a little back to the authors. Leave a review.

Steven M Phillips
Author of The Beast.

Amazon Review link for The Beast:

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