Bonkers Blurb

It took a while but after the 20th attempt or so I hope that I have finally nailed the blurb for The Beast.

She will know love and loss. Wizards will spurn her, warriors will cut her and princes will die for her.

The Kingdom is a land on the brink of war. The Princes of Havii have shut down their borders and the lands of the west quarrel as their armies amass. The King sends his best flying Messenger to try to bring peace but he returns with troubling news.

In the remote southern village of Crooked Hollow, having suffered the mysterious loss of her father, Serena is forced to run the family farm. She hopes to escape her tedious life and travel the world on a grand adventure.

But when a stranger walks over the hill, hauling the decapitated head of a hideous monster behind him, Serena is drawn inexhorably into a conflict which will change her world.

The Beast is an epic fantasy set in a world that needs a new hero.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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