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The Skalawags

A fantasy adventure.
A bunch of rouges have graduated from the school of Skalawag and banded together to seek fame and fortune. Well fortune mostly.
From their hidden lair under the Fattened Pig Inn, they enter into perhaps their most challenging mission yet. But where have all the villagers gone?
*Credit to Remley Farr and Jeff C. Stevens the writers of many good D & D campaigns, this story is based upon their work ‘The Madhouse of Tasha’s Kiss.’


She has come from the shadows. She brings all the creatures of nightmare with her.
He stands alone. But is his will enough to stop her?

The Beast

The Beast is an epic fantasy set in a world which needs new heroes.

Bandolas has been hired by wizards to kill an escaped monster.
The only advice he had received was: “The beast senses movement, if you stay still it will not see you!” How was he supposed to get close enough to slay it if he could not move?

Serena lives in a small village. Nothing ever happens, until the day a stranger walks over the hill and her life changes forever. Can she become the greatest fighter the world has ever known?

Findo is a flying Messenger for the King but on his journeys he discovers a dark secret which threatens to bring war to all who live in the Kingdom.

Will these heroes be able to turn the tide of disaster and ensure the freedom of every one in the lands?

The Things we do to Kill a Dragon
The original week by week write up of our Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
Inspired by the Ice spire peak official campaign. Beware spoilers within.

A newly formed band of adventurers try to help a town from the perils of a dragon which has moved into the local area.
The Door

Thought I would share a little something with you all. A short story which I began as an example text for my class at school. I love what it became. I hope you enjoy it.

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